Chilli Jam Gift set
Chilli Jam Gift set
Chilli Jam Gift set
Chilli Jam Gift set

Chilli Jam Gift set

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Not sure which jam to gift to someone? Why not give them one of our gift sets. 


Gift set 1 - Chilli Jam, Garlic and Chilli, Jalapeño Jam. -

Perfect for people who like a little bit of spice. 


Gift set 2 - Chilli Jam, Chilli and Garlic, Scotch Bonnet.

Great for someone who like medium amount of heat. 


Gift set 3 - Chilli Jam, Scotch Bonnet, Carolina Reaper jam.

Great for a family gift with everyone liking a different range of spice. 


Gift set 4 - Scotch Bonnet, Chilli & Garlic, Carolina Reaper Jam.

One for people who love hot food. 


Gift set 5 - Fiery red currant & raspberry jam, Pear, Ginger & Chilli Jam, Tomato & Chilli Jam

 All our new jams in one gift set. 



All details of ingredients can be found on the individual jams. 


No jams contain any of the main 14 allergens. 

All jams include, Red Peppers, chillies, Sugar, white wine vinegar and lemon juice. 

Garlic is included only in the Chilli & Garlic Jam.